The establishment of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Transportation originated from the first enrollment of the students majoring in Automobile exploitation at the Faculty of Engineering the National University of Mongolia in 1962. The school was restructured as a Mechanics Department at the Faculty of Energy and Mechanics of the NUM in 1964 the changed its name to the Faculty of the Mechanic Technology and Automobile engineering at the Polytechnic Institute in 1982, the School of Mechanical Engineering at the MUST in 1996, and currently has been named as a School of Mechanical Engineering and Transportation at the MUST since 2014.
Today, the school has been conducting its activity with over 100 faculty members and 2300 students. The school of Mechanical Engineering and Transportation, MUST has 4 main departments as Transportation, Mechanic-Mechatronics, Machine production and Technical mechanics, a Vocational Education and Training Center and 3 Scientific Research Centers.