INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION The skilled engineers are prepared to qualify to the operation of light and heavy industrial automated equipment. Graduates have opportunity to work in the following engineering fields as service and maintenance in manufacturing sector, micro controller, computer service shops and to activate automated equipment with programmable logic controller.
MACHINE ELECTRONIC SYSTEM Students in this field learn basic theory of mechanics and electronics, automated controller system of machine and mechanism, operating principles of machinery and become skilled to diagnose, service and maintenance of those machinery. Graduates have opportunity to work in transport, mining, road construction companies which operate with electronic controller machine and mechanism. They also have chance to work in the light and heavy industrial companies which deal with automated inspection and controller system.
CONSTRUCTION AND ROAD MACHINERY The students who study as above major can be specialized the followings field as: • Lifting and trucking of road construction • Mechanization of loading and unloading works • Automation Specilists will be prepared as engineers and technical engineers who perfectly skilled in engineering constructions, facility installation and assembly, pargeting, railway, road and bridge facility machinery, operation of equipment, technical service and diagnose.
MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT OF CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL INDUSTRY Building construction machinery and equipment engineers will be prepared with broad knowledge and working skills of machinery and equipment for various factory (sand, gravel, cement, lime, plaster, mineral cotton, clay, hyalite, sound and heat – insulating material, concrete, ferro concrete, lime sand and ceramic brick, slab, box, walling, gloss processing). Graduates will be able to work in civil and industrial engineering, road construction, mining, material handling companies.


  • Hydraulic, liquid and gas laboratory
  • Mechtronic laboratory
  • Electric and electronic laboratory
  • Computer laboratory
  • Virtual-Simulation laboratory
  • Industrial Mechanization laboratory
  • Training field in Bayan-Khoshuu


  • Robot study
  • Study of Industrial and transportation facility, machine, equipment of mechanics and automation
  •  Reliability study about usage of machinery
  • Study about machinery erosion
  • Liquid system study of machinery
  • Study about mechanic procedure of powder material


  • YA.RENCHINVAANJIL Ph.D., Associate professor                     Head of Departmentfor  The study of crushed material mixture ya.renchinvanjil@must.
  • D.GANBAT Ph.D., Associate professor, Diagnose of vehicle electron and electric system
  • D.BATSAIKHAN Ph.D Intelligent robot, Mobile robot and its autonomous navigation, Renewable energy
  • SH.BYAMBAA Sc.D., Professor Operation of vehicle and reliability



  • B.BAYARSAIKHAN Ph.D., Associate professor Auto transport ecology, automation, traffic safety
  • E.NARANBAATAR Ph.D., Associate professor for study program Study about computer sight, machine intelligence, life smart robot, manufacturing and service denaranbaatar@must.
  • O.ERDENE-OCHIR Ph.D Mechanical durability of superhydrophobic surface, Hydrophobic silica nanoparticles, Chemical stability at different pH values
  • D.DELEG Ph.D., Professor Reliability of road and construction and work object erosion
  • G.NARANGEREL Ph.D., Associate Professor Study about grinder and crusher
  • TS.BAYARSAIKHAN Ph.D., Associate Professor Study about grinder and crusher
  • B.DONDOGJAMTS Ph.D Computational non-linear dynamics, Bio-inspired robotics










  • D.Batsukh Senior lecturer
  • O.Bolor Senior lecturer
  • G.Ganbaatar Lecturer
  • S.Yanjinlkham Lecturer
  • J.Davaanyam Lecturer
  • N.Enkhtungalag Lecturer