AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING We prepare professionals who have broad knowledge of automobile structure, skills to maintain, diagnose, and repair auto mobiles, and to use service equpment, and ability to project, organize, and manage auto service shops, and do research. Graduates can have possibilities to work at the organizations specializing in auto transport and vehicle services, technical diagnostics centers, road transportation administration, scientific research and training institutes, traffic management and safety authorities.
AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Students will be able to obtain knowledge of aircraft structure, design and maintenance, and equipment used for technology innovations in the level of the International Aviation Training requirements. Graduates can have possibilities to work at civil aviation companies and military aviation, besides they can head the department of technical maintenance at airports, work for high tech companies which use unmanned flying objects as aircraft engine engineers and work for design agencies.
VEHICLE AND MOTOR ENGINEERING We prepare specialists who can have jobs in the fields of automobiles, tractors, locomotives, diesel stations and other special purposed mechanisms with internal combustion engine used in road transport, railway transport, mining, road, power plants, agriculture, ecological police, traffic police and defense.
AVIONICS tudents will be prepared as professionals who obtained fundamental theoretical knowledge of aircraft (airplane, helicopter, unmanned flying objects) electrical supplies, special purposed electrical display systems, automation control, and inertial navigation and radio navigation systems in the level of International Aviation Training requirements. Upon graduation avionic engineers will have skills to maintain and repair aircraft electronic devices according to instructions and regulations, have abilities to plan and manage activities in workplaces.
RAILWAY TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION A graduate of “Railway Transport Management and organization” will be trained as an executive and manager, who has the knowledge of science and foreign languages, the ability to plan, organize, control, and make rational decisions about railway cargo and passenger transportation, adapt to changes, lead, work in a team, use information technology, and self-discipline and the habit of evaluating, improving, researching, and meeting the market’s
LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT tudents will obtain practical and theoretical knowledge on business, economics, logistics, and information technology. Graduates will be skilled to plan, organize, optimize, monitor materials, finance, human resource and information flow from initial period of production to end customers and will be able to work in all types of business organizations, service organizations, international freight forwarding companies, manufacturing and trading companies, training institutes and scientific research organizations.


  • Automobile Structure and Component Laboratory
  • Automobile Electrical Equipment Laboratory
  • Unmanned Flying Object Laboratory
  • Internal Combustion Engine Fuel System
  • Automobile Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Automobile Maintenance Laboratory
  • AH-24 Plane Laboratory
  • Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory
  • Laboratory


  • The research on batteries of electric and hybrid engine cars
  • The research on unmanned flying objects
  • The research on air pollution from transportation vehicles
  • The Study on Traffic safety
  • The research on management of transportation organizations and human resource development
  • The research on logistic operations of business organizations
  • The research problems of transportation divisions


  • BAZARRAGCHAA Ph.D., Associate Professor Head of Department              Tribology, reliability, traffic safety
  • TS.TSEVEGJAV Ph.D., Professor Research on automobile batteries lifetime and mathematical model
  • M.DELGERNASAN Ph.D Transportation logistics, supply chain management, organization and human resource development
  • S.UYANGA PH.D Transportation problems, optimization, route planning problems, operations research
  • E.DAARIIMAA Ph.D City logistic, distribution network planning, AHP
  • J.KHASHBAT Ph.D., Associate Professor Automobile exploitation and reliability
  • B.BAYARSUREN Ph.D., Professor Reduction of emission from internal combustion engine
  • B.ASRALT Ph.D., Professor Transportation management, urban transportation and logistics
  • TS. NYAMDULAM Ph.D Gasoline engine technical condition and ecological parameter
  • N.GOMBOSUREN Ph.D Alternative engine systems, Theory of Combustion
  • T.ERDENEBAT Ph.D Improving efficiency of propeller by bi-blade propeller
  • N.MUNKHZUL Ph.D A study to determine of the maintenance period of automobile rubber tires, electric and hybrid vehicles



  • D.GOTOV Sc.D., Professor Transportation policy, strategy, and planning
  • L.LKHAGVA Ph.D Automatics of jet engine
  • B.BATBAYAR Ph.D., Associate Professor Transportation economics and transit transport
  • S.ARIUNBAYAR Ph.D Logistics system, Planning and coordination of virtual enterprises
  • J.AZJARGAL Ph.D Development of alternative-biodiesel fuels; performance and exhaust emissions of diesel engine
  • T.ENKHBOLD Ph.D life estimation of turbojet engine
  • D.BADRAKH Ph.D Electric vehicle development, automobile exploitation and reliability



  • L.Chuluuntsetseg Senior Lecturer
  • P.Choisuren Senior Lecturer
  • A.Erdenetuya Senior Lecturer
  • U.Jamsran Lecturer