GRADUATE COURSES OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING This program include Biomechanics, Digital manufacturing and Mechanical engineering sub sections. With the support of the Higher education reform project, new modern laboratories and equipment are being installed and used in training and research.
MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Studying in this major will help you to become a bachelor who is skillful enough to be accepted around the world; lets you become creative, capable of working in foreign company as your professional background, having an astonishing teamwork skill, and also gain ability to maintain sustainable development communication of Human Nature and Technology. Graduating as a mechanical engineer will guarantee you with engineering and theoretical knowledge which is designed to control and develop mechanical system and technological applications. Mechanical Engineer who had received bachelor’s degree as a mechanical engineer is considered that a profession flexible enough to work in various agricultural fields as a mechanical engineer, and also capable of working as an industrial designer, as a project designer in automation units, as an inventor executing engineering analysis, also in international range, you can work as mechanical engineer – researcher or capable of do research.
JOINT BACHELOR’S DEGREE PROGRAM The Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program between MUST and Korean universities /Hanbat National University, Sungchunyang University, Seoul University of Science a Technology/ Students who have successfully completed a two-year/2+2/ program at the School of Mechanical Engineering and Transportation can transfer to Khanbat National University and Sungchunyang University in the third year and will study for two years in Korea and graduate with a bachelor’s degree from both universities. The student is responsible for the tuition fee for 2 years to study in Mongolia, and a successful student in Korea can receive a scholarship of 50% -100% of the tuition fee. By participating in this joint program, you will be trained as a Mechanical Engineer with high knowledge and practical skills capable of designing and modeling equipment in modern intelligent, automatic and programmed factories.


  • D.TSOLMONBAATAR Ph.D., Professor  Head of the graduate department CAD/CAM, 3D design, Reverse Engineering
  • T.GANBAT Ph.D., Associate professor Designs and constructions for special textile applications and textile equipment
  • TS.MUNKHTUYA Ph.D., Associate Professor Study on mold material of casting
  • E.NARANBAATAR Ph.D Study about computer sight, machine intelligence, life smart robot, manufacturing and service
  • G.AMARMEND Ph.D Research of unmanned aerial vehicles and aerodynamics