MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY raduates prepared by the department will be able to: produce drawings of new products, build, repair, machines, and equipment; make shop drawings of components operating production process; construct machine and equipment; operate lathe and use measuring instruments; use any books or textbooks of professional character in Russian and English; work in a team studying subjects of basic engineering and engineering specialization.
METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS ENGINEERING Graduates will be prepared as engineers, investigators, and managers having abilities to: process minerals and raw materials; reduce ores and recover; melt metals; cast metal under stress; conduct casting, forging, mechanical treatment; develop technologies for heat treatment; do research on metal microstructure analysis andproperties of metal in the field of metallurgy and metal processing and production.


  • Laboratory of casting and heat treatment
  • Laboratory of scanning electron microscope, spectrometer
  • Laboratory of molding material
  • Chemical laboratory


  • Laboratory of metallography
  • Laboratory of mechanical testing
  • CAD/CAM laboratory
  • Laboratory of mechanical processing
  • Laboratory of casting, welding, forging


  • Research on new materials
  • Research on advanced technology for material development
  • Research on material surface treatment


  • G.OYUNBAT Ph.D                                                  Head of the Department                                               Prediction of optimal cutting condition of 110G13L steel with CBN tool
  • M.DELGERMAA Ph.D., Associate Professor Study on raw material processing and powder metallurgy
  • L.TELMENBAYAR Ph.D., Associate Professor for study program Study on new materials and cemented carbide                              



  • O.GALAA Ph.D., Optimization and development of thermo chemical diffusion processes
  • L.OROSOO Ph.D Study on corrosion and fracture of metal






  • Ts.Oyuntsetseg Senior Lecturer
  • Z.Baatar Lecturer
  • Kh.Gerelmaa Lecturer
  • B.Javkhlan Lecturer
  • S.Batbaatar Lecturer